Coach Andrew's Reflections of 2020

Hey FitTown Fam,

I try not to buy into the idea that 2020 was a terrible or wasted year, and that life will now magically be better because the clock rolled over to 2021. I know it has been a difficult year for many, and I don’t want to discount that, but I don't want to write-off 2020 just because it’s the common thing to do.

Our business, FitTown Jupiter, took a pretty big hit in 2020. We had to shut down the gym 2 separate times for a total of almost 3 months. At times, I felt like I was taking 1 step forward and 2 steps backward, with most of the good ideas we came up with 'having to wait" until the time was better.

But I am also very grateful for many of the positive things that 2020 brought into my life, so I took some time these last few days to reflect on some of those positive things as we enter a new year.

1) 2020 forced me to take more time to slow down and not work all the time, which I honestly haven’t done in a meaningful way since starting the gym 8 years ago. I walked more than I ever have, and spent more time outside than ever before. The first 2 months of quarantine was some of the best weather we’ve ever had in Florida, and I am very grateful for being able to take walks and bike rides almost daily.

2) I took a course called Training Camp for the Soul and learned a ton about myself. I learned how to get out of my head and connect with my body via breathwork and journaling, and have continued to do Wim Hof breathing several times per week. I started to experience emotions I haven’t felt in years, and cried more this year than I probably have in the last 5 years combined, which I see as a good thing.

3) I spent time learning about new subjects like politics, investing, social justice, etc. I can’t necessarily say that all of this was enjoyable or always a positive influence on my life, but I am grateful for the new perspectives I am gaining from diving into these areas outside of my go-to topics of health, business, and personal development. I still think the news is mostly toxic, and find it difficult to stay “in-the-know”, without letting it affect the person I strive to be daily.

4) I started investing more and learning more about the stock market and technology. I became mildly obsessed with companies like Tesla, that are going to reshape our world over the next decade and beyond. I even put a deposit down on a Cybertruck. As little faith as I have in our politicians to create real change in the world, I have an infinite amount of faith in the entrepreneurs out there to create a better world for all humans.

5) I continued to create more long form content like podcasts and videos, while spending less time consuming information on social media. At times though, I traded being distracted with Facebook and Instagram, with being distracted by Youtube. This is still a work in progress for me and an area I want to improve on in 2021. Nonetheless, we have kept up with nearly weekly podcast episodes of the FitTown show and Seven Figure Box show for the last 6 months. Create > Consume

6) I was introduced to a book called the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, that is starting to become an operating system for how I live my life and run my business. Tony and I started working with an amazing leadership coach, and it is bringing us closer than ever. Through the conscious leadership coaching, we were introduced to a personality assessment called the Enneagram. I’m still unsure if I am an Enneagram 3 or 7, but either way it’s been helpful to learn more about myself, and how I tend to see and operate in the world.

7) I started playing sports again. I rejoined a soccer league that I haven’t played in in years. Nikki and I started playing pickleball on a weekly basis. We’ve played spikeball, kickball, flag football, and ultimate frisbee just in the last few months. Of all the things on this list, this is the one that probably contributes the most to my overall well-being and happiness. I’m so grateful this got brought back into my life in 2020 and need to remember to never stop playing.

8) We retained our entire FitTown coaching staff through the shutdowns and were able to pay all 8 of our full-time coaches their full salaries for all of 2020. We even added 2 new amazing coaches at the beginning of the pandemic. I am grateful that we qualified and received the PPP loan, which was crucial for our business. I truly love our team and the people I get to work with daily. They are my “why” in business.

9) We rebranded our gym to FitTown Jupiter and we are still in business and improving lives daily. I never expected “being open” to be a point of gratitude going into this year, but we’ve seen so many great gyms across the country close, that I am truly grateful to be located in Florida, and still be open. I am grateful that we get to do in-person workouts and I still get to participate in, and give others, the “best hour of their day”. When we had half our coaching staff catch COVID in July, and put the entire the gym’s memberships on hold, nearly 100 members personally reached out and refused to let us stop charging them. This unwavering support was invaluable during this year, and is hard to put into words.

10) This was our first full year as a family of 4, and Cooper and Liam are becoming the best brothers to each other. Liam started sleeping well in 2020, and consequently so did Nikki and I. All of our extended family has stayed healthy this year, and 2020 proved to us how important it is to live close to family. We are lucky to have 2 amazing grandmas that love our kids unconditionally, help Nikki and I stay sane, and make time for each other. This year has only made me more excited and grateful to be married to my wife and have the amazing family that we do.

I share this list not to brag, or pretend like 2020 hasn’t had its challenges, but more as a reminder to myself to be grateful for what I have, and remember the things that bring me joy. Had I not taken the time to reflect on some of the positive things that happened over the last 365 days, I probably would’ve just went into 2021 feeling like not much good happened in 2020.

Feel free to share any big wins or learnings you had in the last year with us or tag us in your post.

Hope everyone has an amazing 2021!

-Coach Andrew