Never Underestimate What You Can Do In a Year

This past weekend was Mother’s Day. I’ve tried to make it a tradition where I create a slideshow to music for my wife Shannon as a thank you for all she does for us. In 2018 and 2019 I made slideshows that were purely about our trips to Disney because we had gone there so much with the kids and created so many great memories there.

In 2020, as you all know, traveling and going to Disney completely changed. We had zero trips to Disney. As I put together the slideshow, I noticed a few things, we had a ton of fun with our family in the simplest of ways. Oftentimes, we didn’t have to spend a dime outside of the meals or drinks we were sharing. We did beach days, boat trips, movie nights, and family game battles.

Disney is great at setting the stage for priceless memories, but when it comes down to it, priceless moments with family can be created anywhere, anytime you want to.

In the background of all that fun we were having with our family, we completely renovated our house. We did the kids’ upstairs bathroom, our kitchen and dining areas, laundry room, son’s bedroom into a music-themed bedroom, garage, pool and backyard patio/landscaping.

As I sifted through pictures of great family moments for this slideshow, I kept coming across progress pictures from all the projects we took on.

I couldn’t believe how much we had gotten done in a year. How did our house look like that only a year ago? It was almost more overwhelming to think about all the work we had accomplished in hindsight than it was actually going through it.

Our gym FitTown Jupiter had gone through a big transformation as well. Anything CrossFit Palm Beach was redone for the new branding. We painted, did flooring, redid our whole retail area, brought in new equipment, reorganized storage, rearranged layouts. When you look at our gym from March 2020 to now, it looks completely different.

At times I wonder, how the heck did we get ALL of this done?

How did we persevere through all the obstacles we ran into and decide through the different directions we wanted to go in order to find these destinations we arrived at?

One of the core concepts behind perseverance is breaking up big goals into bite-sized chunks.

Had we not used this concept with all of our gym projects and all of our house projects, I’m sure we would have gotten only half as far as we are today. We would have probably given up on many goals altogether as the sense of overwhelm got too great.

When it came to accomplishing our house projects, I set a goal each night to do something.

It didn’t matter how small it was, I wanted to accomplish one thing. Sometimes it was as simple as hanging one towel bar in the kids bath and making one call to a tradesman for setting up a meeting. I’d get home from the gym around 4 or 5 and work on that one goal. Sometimes it took me well into the night around 7 or 8pm and sometimes it was just 15-20 minutes.

But it was ALWAYS something.

It wasn’t always something to the point of overwhelm though. I chunked my rest like I chunked my work. If I knew I was feeling exhaustion arise, I planned out time with my kids to take a break from all the tasks.

While we put in a ton of “sweat equity” at our house and gym, we were also quick to hire help to keep things moving. That cost money and the money didn’t appear out of nowhere.

The money was also a product of perseverance. In our business and in our personal finances we set aside money each month for reinvesting. That reinvestment is built up slowly over months and years of small bite-sized chunks of savings.

When it comes to accomplishing physical transformation of yourself or the space you live in, never underestimate the power of doing something towards your goal every day.

This practice of working in bite-sized chunks can apply to everything in your life. Are you constantly hitting walls with your nutrition and feeling like your diet restarts every Monday? You can do something each day that sounds so simple that you’ll wonder how it could ever move the needle for you.

Choose specific small improvements like vowing to bring a homemade healthy lunch to work each day or waking up and having a protein shake before a great workout each morning. These things give zero results in a day, and minimal results in a week or two…

But over months and years these changes are LIFE-CHANGING.

What’s a big goal you’re working on?

And what’s a small bite-sized chunk you can do today to move towards it?

Get into this cycle of
1.set the task. it.
3.appreciate the accomplishment.

Keep your head down and let perseverance do it’s work. Don’t think about all the things that haven’t gotten done yet. Be proud of the one thing you just got done.

I shared this Bible verse previously when we had “patience” as our mindset word. I just realized that the NIV Bible replaces Patience with Perseverance (this was not planned when we chose these words).

But just like “patience” I love the idea of letting “perseverance” do work within us.

“Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”
-James 1:4

You can do amazing things in a year. Just pick one un-amazing thing to do today.

-Coach Tony