Get UnSexy This Year!

You may have resolutions to get sexy this year, or at least move closer to sexy and away from quarantine sweatpants.

But the unsexy-sexy relationship I’m talking about here doesn’t pertain to your appearance, it’s all about the goals you’re setting for the NEW YEAR.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the sexiness of New year’s resolutions. “This year is the year I will finally __________!” “I’m going to lose those ______ pounds and fit into that ________ I haven’t worn in years.”

Creating goals has an interesting response in the brain. Research has shown that endorphins actually get released from simply creating goals. You don’t have to actually achieve that six-pack or lose those 20 pounds to feel euphoric. All you have to do is think about it!

This endorphin release of goal creation is a double-edged sword.

It gets us excited. It pops us out of bed on the first ring of our alarm clock. It gets us to make better food choices and drink less alcohol.

BUT, it also gives us a happy feeling at just the thought of success. Which sometimes can be enough for some people to enjoy the pleasure hit, and let the goal slip from mind as they fall back into previous patterns.

After a few decades of doing this to myself, and seeing numerous clients go through the same thing over the years, I emphasize the importance of UN-sexiness when creating my goals for the year.

Instead of focusing on the finish line and the ticker-tape parade in my honor for being so awesome, I change my focus to my habits that I will give more intention to this year.

Make the shift from sexy goals to unsexy habits.

Again, it’s GOOD to have GOALS. I want you to have a reason to wake up when it’s a freezing 52 out in south Florida. I want you to have a reason to push even harder in the final minutes of your tough workout.

A release of endorphins is a great thing that energizes you and sparks excitement. It’s why you feel so good after your workout, because they are naturally released upon exercise.

But I’ve made enough goals in my life to know only habits really matter. The fleeting endorphin rush can’t compare to the satisfaction of watching an action become a habit, and then a habit becoming a life-changing experience.

As soon as you make a goal, go right after the ingredients.

What do you do when you see that beautiful cake on Pinterest you want to make for your daughter’s birthday? Do you sit and stare at the beauty of that cake? Do you print out pictures of the cake and tape them to your wall to inspire you?

No, you don’t. You get your butt in action and you start looking at the ingredients and the recipe.
You investigate, “What is it going to take to make this?” And you get to work.

I know what it’s going to take to make this new year what you want it to be. I’ve done it with myself and hundreds of others over the years.

It takes the making of unsexy habits and the persistence to follow them. 

Tomorrow I’m going to share my unsexy habits of 2021 with you.

Until then, think about all the unsexy things you’re going to do to get sexy this year.

If you already know them, I’d love to hear them.

-Coach Tony